Middle School Policing

I just caught a couple of minutes of footage on one of those road-disaster shows that make porn of wrecks. One of the items was the Illinois semi trucker who was dumb enough to risk crossing against an oncoming train during rush hour. He misjudged the space he had. Train plowed his semi, sent it crashing against a dozen other cars that ended up piled up one against the other. No one died, but the cars and the semi were totaled, and there were quite a few injuries. The truckers’ punishment? Two years’ probation. I mention this only to contrast it with a story in today’s paper about an 11-year-old middle school student locally who got slapped with a felony–a felony–for threatening a classmate to blow him up. Instead of giving him a good talk and a lesson about dumb judgment, he got a felony charge. So here we have a child at the age of dumb (and dud) judgments getting a lifetime record, as opposed to an adult, a trained driver, an alleged professional, getting what amounts to a slap on a likely oversize rear end that long ago became benumbed to anything after demolishing a dozen vehicles and putting two dozen people’s lives knowingly at risk. You call this justice? I call it Southern law, where cons are the lawmakers.

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