Afghan Women Get Stoned

No, not stoned as in Amsterdam reefer bar. Stoned as in assaulted with rocks for daring to protest a law that would turn wives into their husbands’ indentured servants, and conjugal rape an act (an obscenity) protected by law. “Get out of here, you whores!” men shouted at the protesting women. “Get out!” (The men aren’t entirely familiar with the law, which also forbids women to “get out” without a man’s permission.) That’s the state of things in Afghanistan today: when human rights make a peep, brutality drowns it out. Literally. As anywhere from 50 to 300 women attempted to demonstrate against the law in Kabul today, counter-demonstrators, men and women, heckled them with shouts to drown out whatever the demonstrators were saying. The peppered them with rocks. That’s what NATO and the United States are defending in Afghanistan: a place where dignity itself is under assault, in the streets of the capital and in law–because we shouldn’t forget where all this started: in a legislative act that legalizes rape in the name of some religious tenet, and that Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president the United States spent billions to install, defend and protect, signed. The full story

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