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Best of Blogs Round-Up: Monday, March 13, 2006

Non-disclaimer: We're liberal to the core, but we include in this daily blog review the political, the social, the cultural and the undefinable from the left, the right, the in-between from all over the globe. And we're suckers for good writing regardless of ideology. Clicking the link will take you to the original post.

Featured Blog I: Coathanging
A Good Day on Mars

I'm sure some of you will remember last year when I took a few days off to fly up to Mars to meet with The Intelligent Designer. Mars was as close as The Intelligent Designer dared get to the Earth because Bush was in charge down here. Those anti-science, anti-evolution, head-in-the-sand types had, at the time, taken over Kansas.

It appears they have now taken over South Dakota as well. And this type of news is severely depressing to me. They seem to wish to revert to the Stone Age and the only way they can do that is through trying to bully women. Gosh, guys! Way ta go! You sure are manly fellas!

They want to take us back to the cave days when we would club our women and drag them into the cave and rape them. I guess they figure that was the Golden Age of Anti-Choice, simply because there was no choice. The only abortionist back in them days was God. God retains the title of The World's Greatest Abortionist by a huge margin even today, even though you don't see the South Dakota Legislature threatening to take God to court over it.

They want to treat women like cattle. What's next? Tagging their ears? And then there's that famously mindless idiot who declared the only person who might...MIGHT have a chance for an abortion would be a deeply religious woman who was gang-raped repeatedly by all the male members of the South Dakota Legislature. (Which, with this bill, she WAS, by the way.) Jesus. You wonder how someone so stupid can even exist. How come God didn't abort HIM, you wonder.

And so it was heartening to hear NASA announce yesterday that it was "...a good day on Mars!", speaking of the triumph of science that is the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter, because it points out what losers these people are, these folks who would like to drag us back into the cave. They are losers, and there is nothing they can do about it but waste our precious time here on Earth with their stupid antediluvian scaremongering and their meddling in the rights of others.

They are losers. There is nothing they can do to stop science. There is nothing they can do to stop progress. They don't have a leg to stand on. Not that they won't continue to try. Cave Men are a tenacious breed. Like Bush, they're stubborn. Once they have determined their path they follow it like a dumb ox.

And when they perish they no doubt shall blame it on the damn cliff.


Featured Blogger II: The Feminine Miss-tique
Working Mothers

There was an article in today's Sunday Star Times Sunday magazine that was interesting and not completely misogynist. I almost died of shock (for non-New Zealanders Sunday's speciality is that it no longer calls it's 'beauty' section 'beauty' or even 'health', but maintenance. I've no idea what you're supposed to be maintaining with blue eye-shadow).

The article was looking at rates of depression in parents, and particularly among mothers. What I really liked about the article is that it showed how depressing and isolating the work of child rearing can be in our society, and that saying that the work is hard wasn't an attempt to devalue it.

Too often feminists are blamed for devaluing the work of raising children. All they said was that society didn't value the work, and that the way child-rearing was done was extremely isolating and hard.

Unfortuantely it's as true now as it was then. I like a lot of Betty Freidan's analysis in The Feminine Mystique, but disagree with her conclusions. While increased access to childcare, and the opportunity to do paid employment has helped some children, it doesn't solve the problem. Those who work at home are more isolated, and those who don't

Earlier last century children were seen as a duty, now they're seen as a luxury, I think we could do better. I don't often imagine the world that I'm trying create, maybe I don't do it enough. But I do know how raising children would be resourced (and I'm not talking about money, because I think a first step to the world I'm talking about would be ending capitalism).

I believe that all the resources required to raise children should be provided collectively, not individually by the parents. Raising children should be recognised as important work, and whether it's done collectively or individually, it should be seen as a contribution to society as important as any other. At the same time anyone in a parental role should be able to do other work that they enjoy, or are good at, or see as important, and in then their children would be looked after collectively.

This is why I find arguments about staying at home vs. working very frustrating. Neither individual choice is going to make a slightest bit of difference, and it's stupid to fight over the limited resources available when what we actually need to do is smash the whole pie (or something).

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